The Exeter Incident – out now!

At some point, I’ll share my entirely crap concept drawing of this. Don Noble deserves a medal for this cool cover!

A book I came up with the concept of when I was in my twenties, The Exeter Incident is the book I have worked hardest on. I’m now 51, so this storyline has been with me for over thirty years. It has changed significantly in that time, and is an extremely fast-paced, violent, action packed thrill ride of a horror/science fiction hybrid.

It’s really exciting to see this out in the world at last, and I’m looking forward to seeing what people think.

If you already have a copy, stick a picture of yourself holding it in the comments, or share it on social media (or both!).

The official blurb (and nice comments from Tim Lebbon, Jim McLeod and Kev Harrison) is:

As a series of gruesome murders are discovered in Exeter, Detective Inspectors Danni
Brent and John Carter begin to suspect the killer may not be human. Their investigation is
only a few hours old when they also realise the murderer can’t be acting alone.
There’s more than one.
A lot more.
Paul Kingston is on the run and hiding in Exeter. Whilst trying to secure a new
identity, he comes face to face with an impossible monster. Hunted, alone and afraid, who
can he turn to? Who can he trust?
None of them know that Exeter is about to experience its darkest day.
None of them know time is running out.
The clock is already ticking….

“Great monsters and dynamic characters make this brutal, bloody, brilliant novel an essential read. I’ll never see Exeter in the same light again!” – Tim Lebbon, The Last Storm

Move over Masterton; there is a new master of techno horror; the Exeter Incident is a glorious over the top thrill ride of unrelenting horror.” — Jim McLeod, Gingernuts of Horror

“In The Exeter Incident, Watkins seamlessly blends a police action drama with monstrous sci-fi horror. Its frenetic set pieces stand side-by-side with sensitive, three-dimensional character building which will have the reader rooting for the protagonists to the bloody end.” — Kev Harrison, author of Below

If you want to buy a copy (and why wouldn’t you??), you can get it here:

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