So, October is over (ish) so here’s a little look back at what I’ve been reading/watching/listening to/playing.


I’ve been on a major comics kick recently, restarted by re-reading The Sandman. This month, I’ve read four: The Boys Omnibus 1 (so very, very wrong, but so entertaining!), The Sandman Volume 3 (superb as always), 30 Days Of Night (vampire goodness, perfect for Halloween) and Revival Deluxe Volume 1.

Revival (Tim Seeley and Mike Norton) is a different take on zombies as it centres on a town where the dead come back to life, but exactly as they were before the die. Well, not exactly, but to say more would be spoilers. It really is excellent and demands your attention from page 1. Unfortunately, volume 2 is out of print, with copies going in excess of £100, so this is a bit like comic-crack at the moment. Hopefully some sort of collected edition will be out soon. If anyone knows where I can get a copy without risking financial ruin or divorce (or both), please let me know…..


It’s Halloween as I’m writing this, so what better film to watch than It? My wife and eldest son don’t like horror films (although A Quiet Place scored highly with both – which rather begs the question, if that’s not horror then what the hell is?) so I sat down with my 14 year old.

I saw It originally in the cinema as part of a double bill when Chapter 2 came out (that’s today’s viewing) with a couple of friends. We all screamed and jumped lots and had a great time so I was really looking forward to seeing my boys reaction.

I screamed once, jumped lots and uttered at least one unintentional ‘Fuck!’. He sat there like he watching a Disney film. Hard as nails my boy, I don’t know whether to be worried or impressed.


My wife turned 50 this year (shhh, don’t tell anyone) so my in-laws very generously bought us a few days away in Guernsey. Whilst there, we found a record shop that was closing down and all its CDs were 50p. In amongst the stack I bought (would have bought more, but weight limits on planes. I’m not a good flier at the best of times, so saving weight by leaving some CDs behind seemed a sensible option). Anyway, they had Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield there. I haven’t heard it in years, so it was an easy purchase. It still sounds great, but more importantly, it’s probably the first CD I’ve played on my system in years. It sounded absolutely awesome and I am now giving serious thought to cancelling Spotify (not really, my kids would kill me). Honestly folks, if you listen through a smart speaker only, try dusting off a CD – the difference is astonishing.


I am utterly consumed by this game. I have no clue what I’m doing, or why I’m doing it but I am absolutely loving it. Everything about it is so satisfying (well, apart from the story) that it is close to perfection for me.

Now, the story. No doubt someone will say ‘pay attention’, or ‘there’s lore guides on YouTube’, but to me, if I can’t get the story or motivation clear through playing, then the game has failed. I shouldn’t need to watch a separate video to get the plot – that’s rubbish, and the fact GRR Martin had input into the story is baffling.

That Elden Ring still hooks despite this is nothing short of remarkable. Game Of The Year, without shadow of doubt.

That’s it for this month – how about you? What have you read/watched/listened to or played? I’ll leave you with the slightly sinister words of one of my year 11 students (shoutout to Alfie!) at the end of each lesson:


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  1. Happy belated birthday to your wife! I’ve been reading all the new horror releases from October. Several people have encouraged me to read my first Junji Ito graphic novel, so I’ll have to dive into that soon!


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