Downwind, Alice by CC Adams

Lovely cover! by Greg Chapman

There is something about CC Adams’ writing that I really like. His stories have a wonderful sense of place and this is one of the strongest elements in all the stories of his that I’ve read. I used to live in London, which probably helps, but damn, sometimes he makes me miss the place.

This latest novella, from Lycan Valley Press, concerns Alice who has made some questionable life choices and is now suffering the consequences of those actions. To say more would steer massively into spoiler territory, so I’ll avoid that.

The reveal of Alice’s past actions and whereabouts before the novellla begins are expertly done, even as they depict Alice in an unflattering light. In fact, there are not many likeable characters in this, with the exception of Richard.

Events build at a decent pace with every character given their moment in the spotlight and each feels like a real, rounded person. No mean feat for a novella.

To sum up then, this is another good novella from CC Adams and is well worth checking out. I would also highly recommend ‘Forfeit Tissue’ as another great novella from this author, available from Demain Publishing.

I won this advance copy in a Twitter giveaway. Signed stuff – sweet!

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