A Hazardous Engagement -Review

This is another limited edition novella from Newcon Press and part of the Blood and Blade novella set. I reviewed Chivalry here.

Written by Gaie Sebold, this is another hugely enjoyable and engaging short fantasy tale. Madis and her team of thieves have to steal a magical belt that’s locked to the waist of a bride on her wedding night, all of which is in the blurb for this book.

Madis and her team are all wonderfully realised and are, crucially, all female. This helps the novella to stand out, as there aren’t that many books where ALL the main characters are female. Madis’ brother makes an appearance, but it’s brief and gives enough information to make the thieves, especially Madis’, motivations clear.

I really enjoyed this novella, even though I felt it could have done with being slightly longer (which goes against the brief of this series), so I hope we get more adventures for Madis and her team.

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