The Original’s Return

Jack went down to the woods today, and now no-one is safe…

He’s tearing him apart! Help us, please, God help us!”

Sergeant Peter Knowles has seen it all: in Afghanistan he witnessed death on a level that no-one should walk away from. Returning to Britain, he jumps at the chance to lead a small team in Devon. The task sounds more like a holiday; exactly what Knowles and his men need.
The mission: watch Jack Stadler.

When the first dismembered body is found, Knowles begins to realise he has made a terrible mistake…

“David Watkins has a clear writing style that immediately sucks you into the story, his is a confiding hand on your shoulder, that later becomes a vice-like grip that you can’t escape” – 4*, Kate Genet, Horror Novel Reviews

“Great horror! I couldn’t put the book down” 4.5*, Pamela Kinney,

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