Shadow Service by Cavan Scott

Art by Corin M. Howell, Colours by Triona Farrell, Letters by Andworld Design and design by Tim Daniel

Spy craft meets witchcraft in the shadowy world of MI666

Issue 1 of a new series by Cavan Scott, who has an impressive resume of titles including work on a few Star Wars lines and Wonder Woman, amongst others. This is his first ‘creator owned’ title, so Scott is putting a lot of faith in Gina Meyer and MI666.

Luckily, this faith is not misplaced, and he has created a fast-paced, entertaining read. Gina might not be the most original creation (think a grown up, pissed off Harry Potter and you wouldn’t be far wrong), but there’s enough here to root for her.

In short order, we are introduced to Gina, her (only?) friend, who happens to be a talking rat, and local big wig/wrong ′un Gideon Quill. We also get a flashback to Gina’s childhood and how she discovers she has powers.

All this by page 13. Told you it was fast-paced.

It’s difficult to say more about this now as I only had the first issue for review purposes, although you can now get a collected volume of the first five issues. By the end of the issue, MI666 has not even been mentioned (but I do love that department handle – very cool), so it will be interesting to see how the story develops. The artwork is simple, clean and effective, which in no way means its rubbish, quite the opposite in fact. I’m a big fan of simple panels that tell the story efficiently.

In all, there’s enough here to entertain and intrigue. I will definitely check out the collected volume.

This review first appeared on Ginger Nuts of Horror. If you even have just a passing interest in horror, you should check out that site.

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