Your Turn To Suffer by Tim Waggoner

Lori is determined to confront the Cabal and get her life back…. Having not read much by Tim Waggoner before this, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. From the blurb, Lori Palumbo has to ‘confess and atone – or suffer’, so I was envisaging some kind of cult type thing, especially with the Cabal... Continue Reading →

The Apocalypse Strain by Jason Parent

A multi-national research team study an ancient pandoravirus in a remote Siberian research facility. Much calamity and death ensue. Okay, so the actual blurb for the book reads a lot longer than my synopsis, but that should be enough to give you the gist. I went into this assuming it would be a bad idea... Continue Reading →

Ten Thousand Thunders by Brian Trent

A great cover and great blurb had my expectations sky high for this and overall, it didn't disappoint. Basically, our main hero, Gethin Bryce, dies in the opening sentence as a result of a shuttle explosion. He's then reskinned/regenerated/reproduced and has to investigate his own death. Of course, this is the tip of a massive... Continue Reading →

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