Prince of Nightmares by John McNee

Victor goes to spend a few nights in the most haunted hotel in the world. What could go wrong? That’s a very brief synopsis as I don’t really like going into details on a plot for fear of inadvertently giving away a spoiler. Even books that have ‘you won’t see the twist coming!’ give me... Continue Reading →

A Song For The End by Kit Power

I may as well start this with a disclaimer: I am a big fan of Kit Power's writing. If you read my best of 2020, you'll have seen My Life In Horror on there, which was a series of articles originally written for Gingernuts of Horror. It is an absolutely superb collection of essays on... Continue Reading →

My best of a shit year

Compiling any ‘best of’ list is always tricky and usually scorn inducing; how can he put that on there as this is so much better? If that’s you when you finish reading this, well, you can always make your own damn list.

Ten Thousand Thunders by Brian Trent

A great cover and great blurb had my expectations sky high for this and overall, it didn't disappoint. Basically, our main hero, Gethin Bryce, dies in the opening sentence as a result of a shuttle explosion. He's then reskinned/regenerated/reproduced and has to investigate his own death. Of course, this is the tip of a massive... Continue Reading →

Downwind, Alice by CC Adams

Lovely cover! by Greg Chapman There is something about CC Adams' writing that I really like. His stories have a wonderful sense of place and this is one of the strongest elements in all the stories of his that I've read. I used to live in London, which probably helps, but damn, sometimes he makes... Continue Reading →

A Hazardous Engagement -Review

This is another limited edition novella from Newcon Press and part of the Blood and Blade novella set. I reviewed Chivalry here. Written by Gaie Sebold, this is another hugely enjoyable and engaging short fantasy tale. Madis and her team of thieves have to steal a magical belt that's locked to the waist of a... Continue Reading →

Rosewater by Tade Thompson Review

Wow, what a book! I loved this and am about to order the next two books in the series. The book follows Kaaro in two different timelines, with occasional dips into other points in Kaaro's life. He is an excellent protagonist: a thief and psychic who doesn't seem to care much about anyone or anything... Continue Reading →


I recently bought a set of four limited edition novellas from Newcon Press and this is the first one I read. Chivalry by Gavin G Smith concerns a knight called Thornto going to his first war, following his idol. I won't say anything more as that would be spoilers, and if you're interested in reading... Continue Reading →

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